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Recycle and repurpose household items in Colorado Springs to preserve the environment and support our community.

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In Colorado, a mere 15% of recyclable goods are recycled. This is about half of the national average. The remaining 85% remains in the homes of residents for years and often ends in the landfill, permanently polluting our local environment. In our beautiful state filled with high mountain peaks, desert canyons and flowing prairie grasses, we lag significantly behind the rest of the country.

Galvanize Recycling is here to help. We retrieve these goods from your home and redistribute across Colorado Springs (and beyond) to either be recycled or repurposed. The work allows you to accomplish your goals of preserving the community, while supporting  good causes. It also saves you precious time driving across the city to distribute, which is often a barrier for individuals and families struggling to balance the demand of busy lives.

This service is a practical and straightforward response to environmentalism and community support in our beautiful Pikes Peak region. We exist to serve you, and protect the Colorado Springs environment from excess material waste. As a city growing quickly, we collectively work with you to make it a healthy and sustainable environment for generations to come.


How it works and what it costs

The base price for Galvanize to pick up is $30. Additional fees are charged on top of the base price for each category. Upon pickup, we deliver to our centralized location and sort the items. They are then redistributed to our partners across the city and shipped out to partners in Denver and beyond.

Base price$30
Electronic wastePrice/Pound
Thrift items$3/bag
MER/Pedal Station$3/bag
Paint$1/quart or smaller
$3/5 gallon
***Bag sizes are no larger than standard kitchen trash bags of 13 gallons. ***
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Gather, Order, & Relax

We make life easier

Just collect your items, fill out our order form and we’ll do the rest!

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Collect your batteries, paint, plastics and other hard to recycle items (for what we take, look here) in a standard-sized kitchen trash bag.

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Complete the order form, pay and submit. We’ll let you know when we’ll be by!

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Get back to your busy schedule with the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing your part to make our community a little bit better.

Results of our work:

  • Reduce material waste through recycling and repurposing.
  • Support a sustainable environment for Colorado Springs.
  • Redistribute your household goods to worthy causes.
  • Save you time to assist with your quality of life.
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Better Our Community

Our business and nonprofit partners appreciate your support. 

When you send clothing and shoes, Westside CARES is able to serve more people experiencing poverty. 

By contributing outdoor and cycling gear to the Pedal Station and MER, you’re helping Kids on Bikes support more under-served youth. 

As you recycle e-waste, Blue Star Recyclers is able to employ more people with disabilities and preserve the environment.

By recycling plastic you’re allowing Trex to create more sustainable building products, lowering the demand on natural wood products. 

By clearing paint from your home, you allow Green Sheen to create recycled paint products, reducing the demand for new paint, which is often manufactured with harmful chemicals.

Join Our Movement

Spread The Good

Help us grow by following our social media, signing up for e-news and sharing with neighbors, friends and family. We exist to serve you, the community and our partners. Your efforts will allow us to offer more services and build capacity to create a higher volume of waste prevention.

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