Our Commitment

In his song Blowin’ in the Wind, Bob Dylan sings “how many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn’t see”. The overall theme of the song addresses many American issues such as race relations, war, the environment, marginalization of people and more. This is the baseline notion for Galvanize Recycling. The core of this organization is a recognition of societal woes and an effort to use business practices to overcome them. It’s not only an environmental action, it is care for all residents of Colorado Springs and beyond. 

We currently have a general consensus in America that we’re divided and polarized. At Galvanize, we respectfully disagree. We believe that we are all one, even though we may have differing opinions and beliefs. In the Pikes Peak Region, we daily move about with each other and generally extend reverence and care. We do this by holding the door open in public spaces, nodding and saying hello when passing on the street and cohabitating at workplaces, coffee shops and restaurants. Of course there are exceptions, but as a whole, we work well together. 

We recognize that liberals don’t have exclusive rights to the peace sign and that conservatives don’t own the American flag. We honor the military personnel living near Fort Carson alongside the progressive activist living downtown. We honor anyone who is oppressed, marginalized or left behind in society. We honor that we’re operating on Native American lands with thousands of years of history under our feet. In fact, Galvanize is designed to offer deep consideration of these issues and operate to level-up with them to the best of our ability. We exist to keep our land clean, to provide assistance to marginalized people and to honor each other and our differing beliefs and backgrounds.

The partners we use to distribute your goods are chosen based on their impact in the community. In the vein of being one with each other, we recognize that when we are wasteful with our material goods, it affects the collective community. We need to be gentle with our physical environment for our neighbors, our children, grandchildren and future generations. This understanding allows us to recycle your plastics, paint and more with organizations built to recycle into new products. When we deliver your thrift clothing to our partners, they offer services such as helping a single mom dress for a job interview while keeping her children safe and warm. When you recycle electronics, it helps to employ people with disabilities, supporting a marginalized community of people to gain confidence and independence. All of our partners move in the space of assisting with societal issues, whether environmental, social services or human empowerment. 

By doing this work, we accomplish our mission of serving you and the greater community. When we retrieve your goods from your home, we first and foremost, do it with care and compassion in our hearts for all people. And as we distribute to our partners, we’re carrying forward your desire to help others and protect our environment.

Thank you for being a part of the Galvanize Recycling family!

two hot air balloons over the mountains in Colorado