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We are here to serve you, protect our community from excess waste and support our partners. If you have questions, please contact us.

We are currently serving all areas of El Paso County.

We are a for-profit, social impact business. The model could be structured as a nonprofit, needing grant money and outside sources to fund the organization. But we are tapping into the entrepreneurial spirit, offering a fee-based service that allows us to generate revenue while serving the community recycling needs. We’re a business with a greater cause. Our mission is to serve you, the environment and our partners.

Through research and conversations with our partners, we’ve identified the greatest needs. We want to make the largest impact possible, diverting materials from the landfill and distributing to our vetted business and nonprofit partners.

This is a great question. Our highest purpose is to serve you, the environment and our partners. We also need to pay the bills and operate a profitable business. We work on all fronts to find a good pricing balance. Our customers have a limit on what they are able and willing to pay. And our company has to manage all of the expenses associated with operating a small business.

It’s a simple matter of vehicle capacity and ability of our drivers to carry items no more than 25 pounds. We pick up from your front porch, or similar placement by you. The weight limit is designed to allow a driver to easily carry to their vehicle without assistance.

Upon ordering through our website, you’ll receive a confirmation email from us. Within 48 hours, you’ll also receive text communication from us with a date and time range for pickup. You’ll be able to communicate with our staff to make the pickup convenient for you.

Typically, your front porch is the best place. If this isn’t feasible, please leave instructions when you order. We generally need it to be visible and easy to find. Also, if possible, we usually are not comfortable walking in your backyard, through a fenced area, etc. This can cause confusion for our team, leave pets vulnerable, etc.

Our primary business model is residential pickup. However, we have business accounts as well. If your business has recycling needs of the items we carry, please contact us for details.

We love talking about this! Our for-profit and nonprofit partners are dear to us. They are fully vetted by Galvanize and do great work! Please see links to our partners on the What We Take page.

To redistribute properly, we need your items to be clean and dry. If inclement weather is forecast for your pickup day, we will be in touch to find the best day and time. Also, for snowy weather, our team needs to remain safe on the roads.

If there is general access to the public in your community, we’d love to work with you. Please leave detailed instructions in the Notes section of our order form. If access to your neighborhood is difficult to the public, please contact us first before ordering.

Please contact us for a custom order and quote that is outside of the parameters of our order form.