Dear Blue Star Recyclers Customers,

The first time I walked into Blue Star Recyclers in Colorado Springs (over a decade ago) I was overcome with emotion. It was incredibly inspiring to watch their employees with developmental disabilities work diligently to disassemble e-waste, offering them legitimate employment, while simultaneously protecting the environment. At the time, I owned a business that supported Blue Star through charitable donations and at that moment, I vowed to be a long-term advocate and support their cause whenever possible.

Over the years, they have been an inspiring and grounding force in the Colorado Springs community. We honor their decision to consolidate operations to their Denver office and welcome the opportunity to support them and their mission.

We know you love them, too, and we are here to help! Galvanize Recycling is a residential pick-up service of hard-to-recycle items. We accept all items that Blue Star receives. We will pick up from your home, hold at a warehouse, and then deliver to Blue Star in Denver when we have enough volume of material. Our website is easy to use. Simply request our service at https://www.galvanizerecycling.com/, fill out the form with your items, and we’ll communicate with you for a pick-up date and time.

In addition to e-waste, we accept other hard-to-recycle items such as paint, certain plastics, thrift items, books, eyeglasses, cycling gear and more. While you’re ordering e-waste, feel free to add these as well. Our job is to retrieve these items from you and redistribute to worthy causes like Blue Star. The recycling rate in Colorado is 15% and we’re working to increase it!

It is a great honor to offer this service to our dear friends at Blue Star and to support you, the wonderful people of Colorado Springs. Please follow Galvanize on social media and sign up for the e-newsletter through our website. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions.


Mike Mazzola
Galvanize Recycling