Waste Transformation

Thank you for considering this subscription-based program. Plastic film is an industry term for “stretchy” plastics. These include grocery bags, shipping bags, bubble wrap, pallet wrap and much more. Most plastics that stretch when given a slight pull qualify for this program. See all items accepted here. (Link to our flyer)

These plastics are prohibited from curbside, single-stream recycling programs. However, they are recyclable! We collect them and redistribute to Trex Decking and Driven Plastics. Trex uses these plastics to create decking material most often installed on homes across the country. (This effectively requires less trees to be harvested globally.) Driven Plastics grinds the plastics into pellets and uses them as an additive to asphalt paving, creating a stronger paving product.

Our process is simple – we can pick up from you either once or twice per month. Also, you can choose to collect in your own receptacle or lease one from us for a one-time fee of $25. A few clicks on our site and you’ll be up and running!

Your participation in this program allows for these difficult-to-recycle plastics to be kept from local landfills and be given a higher use which benefits the environment and the local community – allowing for a more sustainable future.